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Modes of exploring

Mostly digital, all conceptual

and Research
Welcome to a worklog of sorts! You'll find recent realms I've explored, and most tidings are unfinished.

Alongside documenting, I've started mapping out how I think about my explorations. You can view those thoughts here on Kinopio.

Our Observatory

Created as part of Intellectual Infrastructure research, the observatory is an environment to explore questions around how we think. Have started with the are.na and Kinopio APIs as a base to explore.

Web scraping to wade through Are.na infos, Try it out!
Creating Ambi as a friendly home object connected to the observatory

Leave Room for Thoughts

At Teal Process & Company we've been creating an institution. These were explorations around an identity for the institution using three.js.

Generative logo explorations for Lrft
This view was an accident, but the blocks fall so gracefully

Bits and bobs

This concept was created during my time at SFPC's Code Societies course in 2019. Very greatful for the environment and those I had conversations with around novel interfaces! You can watch my talk about the project or try it out following these steps:

To try it out and sit with your emtions:

  1. Visit http://wadeful.net/bobs on your computer
  2. Visit http://wadeful.net/bits on your phone
Piece I created with the project, titled "sentiments ago"
Playin with shadows
Slide from my talk!

Shared Context

This is an experiment as part of Digital Proximity. Aiming for a world in which we're all a bit more connected and sharing the same context. Currently building as a chrome extension, but would love to have this as a default in browsers!

Building the following and presenting mode
Surfing the net!