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Creative research endeavors ~ 2017-18

Art and
In the end, we're just a small group of friends that enjoy exploring ideas together.

We primarily started Teal Process & Company as an excuse to learn anything we want. Our first focus has been online artifacts, and we're eager to keep expanding our creative reach. We see online artifacts as the perfect blend of development, design, and art. When we build our own platforms, we get to tell the story and craft a narrative however we want, with no limitations.

Our first online artifact

Gassed Up is the story of an unfortunate birthday party. The photoshoot for the project was originally only intended for a local Tallahassee artist by the name of Sadboy, who starred as Bear in this project. The idea was to showcase the environment of a birthday party but everyone would be sad. With inspiration from one of Norman Rockwell’s magazine covers depicting a dejected butler after New Year’s Eve, we had a classic dichotomy on our hands. The scope eventually expanded, went through a couple iterations, and landed as the project you see today.

More to explore

A few more adventures in the world of Teal: